Old Rusty Trucks

Went for a drive last weekend and came across a couple old rusty trucks along the side of the road.

Rust Truck_DSC0026_7_8_tonemapped

crop Rust_DSC0023_4_5_fused

Rusty crop_DSC0032_3_4_tonemapped

Car Engine

I don’t pretend to know what the heck is going on in there but I do remember taking this picture some time ago of an engine of a 1960’s car of some sort. I thought all the shiny tubes,hoses and things looked pretty interesting. Hope you do too.

Old Pontiac

Yesterday I found an old Pontiac from the 1950’s located at a local car junk yard. I thought the freshly fallen snow added a nice element.

There were other old cars I wanted to shoot however the place was closing so I need to go back another day when I have more time to explore.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day with the one green item I found.

Pontiac 2_DSC0010_1_2_tonemapped

Pontiac 3_DSC0013_4_5_tonemapped


Not far from the mountain bike trail we ride at Maybury State Park is this old car that has been there since the 1950’s.In the summer you can’t even see it due to all the underbrush and trees. On my birthday last month we walked to where this is and took some pictures. The day was capped off by a nice sunset over the rolling fields. I thought a sunset appropriate as the old car stands resolute against the inevitable victory of nature.
I have tried to determine what kind of car this is. On the engine block it says Spitfire so I looked it up and found it was an engine made by Chrysler from 1955-1958. I then looked up all the cars made by Chrysler in those years and my best guess is that it is a Chrysler Windsor.
Long before the park became a haven for picnickers, the isolated woods and farm fields held more than 40 buildings—infirmaries, houses, children’s playgrounds and school—in a quarantined city for thousands of Detroit’s highly infectious tuberculosis patients. Wealthy retired real estate tycoon William H. Maybury spearheaded Detroit’s construction of the facility so thousands of TB sufferers could be removed from the city, and where the beautiful surroundings might help nurse some back to health. From 1919-69, the site served as a quarantine and recovery center for people suffering from what was called “consumption.” Most of the buildings were torn down before the land became Wayne County’s first state park in 1975. Many of Maybury’s paved walking trails are on former walks and roadways, although just four stone and brick doctors’ residences remain, including one that serves as park headquarters.

OLD Car _DSC0001_2_3_4_5_tonemapped OLD CAR 4_DSC0021_2_3_4_5_tonemapped Old car 6_DSC0036_37_38_39_40_tonemapped Old Car 3_DSC0016_17_18_19_20_tonemapped Sunset_DSC0106_07_08_09_10_tonemapped