While driving west on Pennsylvania Turnpike last week it was closed for 100 miles due to an accident. I had to detour on a two lane highway and saw some interesting things. I took a few photos of some buffalo.

Buffalo DSC_0018

Buffalo DSC_0019

Buffalo DSC_0027

Buffalo DSC_0025

Northwest Michigan

Some random shots of our visit to Northwest Michigan this summer. A really beautiful place to visit with lots of vineyards,cherrie farms,and lots of great beaches for swimming in Lake Michigan.




Hay _DSC0131_2_3_tonemapped

Vineyard HDR_DSC0139_40_41_tonemapped

Grapes 2


Cherries picking_DSC0107

Cherrie Picking_DSC0120





Capital building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When visiting my daughter in Harrisburg, PA area we stopped at the state capital building to take a little tour. Dedicated in 1906 by then President Teddy Roosevelt, he stated that it was ” the most beautiful state capital in the nation”. It is designed in classic Renaissance style with the exterior made of Vermont granite and the roof is of green glazed tile. The interior of the dome is based on St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

PA Capital Bldg.

PA Capital Dome 2

PA Capital

PA Harrisburg
View from Capital steps.