Capital building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When visiting my daughter in Harrisburg, PA area we stopped at the state capital building to take a little tour. Dedicated in 1906 by then President Teddy Roosevelt, he stated that it was ” the most beautiful state capital in the nation”. It is designed in classic Renaissance style with the exterior made of Vermont granite and the roof is of green glazed tile. The interior of the dome is based on St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

PA Capital Bldg.

PA Capital Dome 2

PA Capital

PA Harrisburg
View from Capital steps.

New York City

A few New York City buildings I took pictures of a few years ago on Upper West Side and Central Park South. Love the many pre war buildings in that area.

Trump Parc Condominiums overlooking south part of Central Park with it’s beautiful golden dome.

Essex House on left and San Remo between buildings with George Washington bridge in distance.

San Remo Apartments. Built in 1930 and home of many stars this building sits on Central Park West.

Central Park West at sunrise.

Corbet’s Couloir

Corbet’s Couloir is an expert ski run located at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is ten feet wide at the entrance with rock faces on three sides but opens up quickly.Entrance into the couloir requires dropping off a cornice with a free fall ranging from 10-30 feet depending upon snow conditions, landing on a 50 degree slope. Well, a couple years ago my wife and I were skiing at Jackson Hole and took a close up look from top and bottom and decided that it was not a good day to die. Very scary standing at top on a windy day into the abyss. Has anyone reading this attempted it?

My wife is in the pictures attached.

Jackson Hole is a great challenging area to ski and would recommend it to anyone that loves to ski.

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Upper Peninsula

Just a few shots I took a few years ago on a trip in the UP of Michigan. I liked the old abandoned cottages. Many years ago you would see these kind of places along the two lane roadways. The sunset is at Marquette, the waterfall is one of many in the UP. This one is named Scott Falls. The Mackinaw Bridge is in the distance in a shot from a location on Lake Michigan in UP.

Cottages 666_2_3_4_5

HDR Scot Falls596_


Park 366_2_3_4_5