Kilmanagh, Michigan

This very old building used to be a general store and has been in same location since 1873. I used to drive by this place on the way to the family cottage as a kid and it has not changed in 50 years.This is in the middle of flat farm country in Michigan’s thumb. It is the town of Kilmanagh and basically consists of a bar, this building, and a few homes. The building looks like it could have been in the old West.


Capital building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

When visiting my daughter in Harrisburg, PA area we stopped at the state capital building to take a little tour. Dedicated in 1906 by then President Teddy Roosevelt, he stated that it was ” the most beautiful state capital in the nation”. It is designed in classic Renaissance style with the exterior made of Vermont granite and the roof is of green glazed tile. The interior of the dome is based on St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

PA Capital Bldg.

PA Capital Dome 2

PA Capital

PA Harrisburg
View from Capital steps.